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About Us

Kairos (ki-ros)

n. [Greek][/Greek]

Identifying crucial moments to perform accurately and skillfully in order to achieve a goal and meet the needs of all.

With years of experience in the Greater Atlanta area, Kairos Development brings a well-rounded real estate industry perspective to Property Management. Whether developing multi-family residential complexes or managing historical business complexes, our team’s unique understanding of client and owner needs paves a way for us to provide top notch service in every aspect of Property Management.

At Kairos, we understand that just like the needs of a property’s owners and clients vary from role to role, so do the needs of each individual rental property. As the definition of our name suggests, we take the time to analyze each property’s crucial needs and particular advantages and then lay out and implement a custom-tailored plan that capitalizes on the property’s strengths to create a solid brand and a place in the market. This approach aids us in achieving and exceeding our goals and the owner’s goals.

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